Things I’m Loving: March 2014

Things I'm Loving: March 2014

I’ve discovered that it is quite difficult to have a full-time job, plan a wedding, and keep up with regular posting for a food blog that has original illustrations for each post. I have no plans to abandon this little project of mine, but I’ve also come to terms with the fact that I need to let it chug along at its own speed. I want this space to always be a place of joy for me, rather than a cause of stress. So I’m just letting you know, my dear and lovely readers, that this blog might slow down a bit more than I would like it to over the next several months. Thank you for riding along with me. Here are some things I’ve been loving this month:

The Internet – The Internet is a wonderful thing. One obvious reason for why I love it: it allows me to share this blog with all of you. I also get to check in on my favorite children of two perfect strangers every morning. This sounds creepy but is really fun. Follow along with me here and here. The Internet also allows me to connect with other bloggers from around the world.¬†Renee from Virginia and I can discuss our mutual wedding planning problems and victories. I can talk to Molly in North Dakota about our favorite cookbook from our childhood. Together, we can teach Sini in Finland about “egg-in-a-hole/toad-in-a-hole,” and Sini and I can encourage and support each other in our relatively new baby blogs. I have not met a single one of these people in person, but I can have meaningful conversations with them, thanks to the Internet. Like I said – it’s a wonderful thing.

Salted Nutella Lattes – This beverage is the perfect answer to my weekend cravings for fancy coffee drinks without hurting my budget. The Fauxmartha is a goddess. This drink feels so fancy but is also somewhat trashy at the same time. In other words, I love it. Three minutes after you start making this drink you will have it in your hands at a perfect drinking temperature. You simply mix all but one ingredient in a mug, microwave, stir, microwave, add coffee. I trash mine up even further by using instant espresso. To make this work, I use about 7/8 cup of milk instead of 3/4 cup, and then just stir in a teaspoon of instant espresso at the end. Voila! Instant chocolate-hazelnut-coffee satisfaction. Have I mentioned how much I love this drink?

Louder – My girl Lea Michele from Glee (aka Rachel Berry) went and made herself a solo album. I could fall in love with any song this woman sings, so I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this full album of Lea Michele originals. I find her voice perfect – a lovely combination of the sharpness of a pop singer and the velvety-ness of a classic singer. And as someone who got her start on Broadway, she is just as good live as she is on the album. I also think she is uniquely beautiful. Alright, fine – I have a girl-crush on her.


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  1. says

    I am so thankful for the internet as well and meeting great people like you too! And I completely understand trying to keep up blogging with all the other things in life. While writing my book and working full time, my blog took a little bit of a quiet period as well but I think about it as ebbing and flowing, just like life. xo

    • Sara says

      Yes, isn’t it wonderful?! And thanks for your understanding words … it’s nice to hear that other bloggers struggle with this too. It’s tough! But I guess we do it because we love it. :-) xoxo

  2. says

    OH HEY I LIKE YOU TOO! So nice to chat w you lady, any day. It’s nice to share the trip ups and odds and ends of wedding planning w you. Planning a wedding and writing a blog is a challenge for sure — I can’t imagine how much time it takes to illustrate your posts!

    • Sara says

      Haha, thanks Renee! And yes … sometimes it grosses me out how long it takes me to do a post. BUT, that’s my thang, and I’m gonna stick to it. It’s good practice for me. ;-)

  3. says

    I completely agree with you about Melissa’s Salted Nutella Shakes. Also, I am always amazed by how supportive fellow bloggers are. I have not met many but it’s wonderful (and probably one of my favorite parts) to learn from others and build friendships.

    • Sara says

      Nik, I totally agree! Bloggers (at least in our little niche) are sooo supportive of one another. It’s one of the reasons I was so inspired to start a blog of my own, and I’m so glad it has led to interacting with so many like-minded wonderful people. Like you!

  4. Ludi says

    I wish you the best in this beautiful yet demanding moment of your life. It will always be a pleasure to follow your recipes and your narration in this nice corner.
    Thank you for your work and dedication,

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