Things I’m Loving: May 2014

Things I'm Loving: May 2014

These end-of-the-month posts have really been sneaking up on me lately. They’ve also turned into a really nice way to look back on the past month of my life and think about all that has happened, especially in this crazy time that I am going through right now. So here’s a little look into what’s been going on lately and what I’ve been loving: 


My Best Friend’s Wedding – My best friend from college got married a week ago, and I was her maid of honor. This was my first time being in a wedding since I was very little, and it was a bit surreal. The wedding was beautiful and we had so much fun. SHE looked absolutely gorgeous. Devin has her own custom bridal gown company, Morgia Bridal, so she designed her own dress and it was perfect. (She is also one of my two maids of honor and she is designing my dress!! Eeee!!) I almost ugly-cried in front of everybody before she even walked down the aisle, but somehow I pulled it together for the rest of the ceremony. She married a wonderful guy – I was actually with her at the moment she met him, so it was nice to also be a part of this milestone in their relationship. Congrats again to Devin and Andres!


Sprouted Kitchen - The blog Sprouted Kitchen has been one of my favorites for a while now, and the cookbook is a favorite as well. (They are working on a second book at the moment, which makes me extremely happy.) Sara Forte’s writing is always thoughtful and inviting, and her recipes are creative and fresh, focusing mostly on healthy, whole foods, but not in a way that feels like you’re giving anything up. Her husband, Hugh, takes some of the most gorgeous food photos I have ever seen. Anyway, they just had a baby! I have enjoyed her recent posts leading up to the birth of their child even more than I normally do. I think I cried after reading her post where she announced her pregnancy. I cried because I was so happy for her and Hugh. How can you not be ecstatic for a pregnant woman who is that ridiculously excited to have a baby with her husband? (On the other hand, it also made me hurt for all of the couples who struggle with this, whether naturally or through adoption, etc.) They were writing letters to their son before he was born, and she recently posted one on the blog that she had written. It is so sweet; they are going to be amazing parents. I bring all of this up because it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. It’s probably because I’m getting married – I feel like I can think more definitively about having children now because I know I am marrying a man who also definitely wants children, and I suppose it also has to do with the fact that I am one step closer to having kids in that life timeline I’ve always imagined for myself. While I don’t desire children at this exact moment in time, I’m looking forward to being as excited about being pregnant and creating a family as Sara and Hugh have been, if we end up being so lucky.


Brooklyn - Robert and I recently went to Brooklyn for what was essentially a food fest (of course). We hit up Smorgasburg … two days in a row. It’s one of our favorite things ever. We had such a blast that I’m dedicating a whole post to it (coming soon!), so stay tuned for that. But, there is still a ton of food I need to eat in Brooklyn, so we will be back. Who has suggestions for me?


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  1. says

    How wonderful to have a friend to make your wedding dress! Congrats to the lucky couple. I wish I had suggestions for Brooklyn, but I’ll just wait for your post about it.

    • Sara says

      Yes, it is SUPER awesome to have your best friend make your wedding dress. I’ve really been enjoying the process of sorta designing it along with her. :-D

  2. says

    Sooo… To be honest, I wrote a comment a few days ago but then I pressed some damn button and the whole comment disappeared… I was annoyed at myself so I didn’t write it all over again. But it said something like this: I always look forward to your monthly round-up posts cause I find some new things as well as things I’ve been loving too. And yes, I cried reading that letter Sara wrote to her son. (+ if you haven’t yet made the flatbread with caramelized onions, pears, & goat cheese from their book, you should!) And I think it must have been amazing being a bridesmaid at YOUR bridesmaids wedding. You looked fabulous! Oh and I so hope we get to meet one day so we could have a lunch in Brooklyn. Or anywhere in the world, really. xo

    • Sara says

      Haha Sini – disappearing comments are sooooo annoying! So glad to hear you enjoy these – sometimes I wonder if anybody cares about them. But then I remind myself that I have my blog to write about whatever I want, so it doesn’t really matter, right? And YES, we have made that flatbread! We based it off that one but it was also inspired by one we had at a restaurant. I believe we added fig butter to ours… it was one of the best “pizzas” we have ever made. Probably in the top 2. I hope we meet someday too, Sini!! If you are ever in the states you HIT ME UP. xoxo

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    Ermagerd so jealous you went to Smorgasburg TWO DAYS IN A ROW!! I remember going with my aunts and literally EVERYTHING looked so good. Luckily we split a bunch of things…the huarache was amazing, and the beet burger and the falafel were fab too. Yumm. *food daydream interruptus* I wish I had more Brooklyn suggestions for you but alas, I was just a tourist there. Have so much fun though!!

    Also, you’re making me want to go read Sprouted Kitchen!! They really sound like the sweetest family. And I can’t wait to hear about YOUR WEDDING!!!!!!!!

    • Sara says

      Oh my gosh yes, you have to go to Smorgasburg with at LEAST one other person so you can just try and share everything, or as much as you can possibly fit into your belly. My Brooklyn post is going to end up being more like “here’s everything we ate at Smorgasburg” hahaha. And yes, go read Sprouted Kitchen!!! It’s the best. I can’t wait to do my “wedding post.” I feel like I have that more planned out than my actual wedding!

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