Wish List: Miso

Wish List: Miso

I may be a little late to this miso train, but I’m jumping on that bandwagon hard-core. As an ingredient I wasn’t really aware of until college, I had been a little skeptical of it, and had only ever heard of it being used in miso soup. Then I started to pay a little more attention, and I got curious. The miso glaze from Love and Lemons was like our gateway drug into The World of Miso. After that encounter, we became a little obsessed: Robert attempted to put that miso glaze on anything he could get his hands on, and I started pinning any recipe that mentioned that magical umami ingredient. Then there was the miso-creamed kale that rocked my world, and the miso-maple roasted roots that took our salad from “great” to “totally boss.” In case you can’t tell, I want to cook with miso some more. A lot more. As usual, Food52 came to the rescue by telling me all about how to cook with miso, and better yet – how to make a week’s worth of dinners with a batch of miso butter. I need to try that. Here are some other miso-centric dishes I want to try: 


Miso Yam Soup with Sesame Roasted CarrotsDolly and Oatmeal
Miso-Citrus Cod En PapilloteLove and Lemons
Crunchy Cabbage Salad with Miso-Ginger DressingFood52
Soba Noodles with Miso-Roasted TomatoesFood & Wine
Miso Roasted Garlic BroccoliCultural Chromatics
Miso Caramel • Food52
Wonder Fries with Miso Mayo • Food52
Miso S’mores Bars729 Layers
No-Frills Miso Dressing • Food52
Nasu Dengaku (Miso Eggplant) • Love and Lemons
Sugar Snap Pea Salad with Miso DressingGirl Versus Dough
Miso Butter SalmonFive and Spice
Fried Asparagus with Miso Dressing • Food52
3-Ingredient Miso Almond Pasta SauceSteamy Kitchen
Chickpea Lemon Miso Noodle Soup • Love and Lemons
How to Make Ramen at Home • Food52


You can find all of these recipes on my “Wish List: Miso” Pinterest Board.
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    Ooooh that illustration! It looks like I could lick the miso off the spoon straight through the screen… You’re so damn talented, girl! And YAY to miso! Thanks for this amazing list. I’ll have so much fun browsing through these links.

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    Second what Sini said!! I honestly have to do a double-take sometimes because I don’t realize it’s an illustration … hahaha. I came to miso super late too, so love that you put together this list. Awesome.

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    NOMM. I was ALSO quite late to the miso party…I think I just discovered it last fall. It always seemed like such a mysterious ingredient but now it’s just a total kitchen staple! I LOVE A House in the Hills’ kale noodle bowl with miso, avocado and tons of other good stuff, but I usually dumb it down a lot for weekday dinners with just kale and noodles tossed in avocado, miso and a squeeze of citrus. SO GOOD. I am about to check out like allllllll of these recipes. Great post!

    • Sara says

      Thank you so much! I guess you could chalk it up to 4 years of art school and a lifetime of drawing? Haha I don’t know, it’s just something my brain likes to do. :-D xoxo

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