Golden Milk Cake

Golden Milk Cake | Cake Over Steak

Okay so … I might have lied to you a little bit. This isn’t officially called a “golden milk cake.” Its true name is “hot milk cake.” However, Robert and a few of our friends thought the name “hot milk cake” was a little … let’s just say: off-putting. We brainstormed a bit (while sitting around a table and eating almost the entire cake – THE SIX OF US), and Robert won with his idea of calling it a “golden milk cake.” So that’s what I have for you today.  [Read more...]

“Inspiralized” Beet Pasta with Oranges, Honey Walnuts and Crispy Kale

"Inspiralized" Beet Pasta with Oranges, Honey Walnuts and Crispy Kale | Cake Over Steak

For a while there I was eyeing up the “spiralizer” gadget on the internet. I considered putting it in my Amazon cart many times, but ultimately decided that it was just one of those things with one purpose and it would take up too much space in our small kitchen. But then around the turn of the new year (big surprise), Robert and I decided we wanted to start limiting how often we make pasta, hoping to incorporate some lighter meals into our weeknights more often. It can be really tempting to make a hearty pasta dish one night because it will last us through half the week, but that also means we end up eating pasta for 3 nights in a row. It’s tasty and efficient (cooking one meal for 3 days), but when that one meal is pasta, it can also leave you feeling heavy and bloated throughout the week. So with our newfound desire to start cooking lighter meals, Robert expressed an interest in getting a spiralizer (which I took as a major green light) and we bought one as a bit of an impulse purchase during our frenzy of “new year, new us.” [Read more...]

Things I’m Loving: May 2015

Things I'm Loving: May 2015 | Cake Over Steak

Summer is finally here! I know it’s not official yet, but it sure feels like summer lately. Tank tops and sandals have become a daily staple and the air conditioners are going strong. I’m sad that we only had about a week of that perfect weather where you keep the windows open all day long, but I’m glad our terrible winter has ended (fingers crossed). And I’m so ready for the beach, it’s not even funny. I’ve been “tonin’ it up!” I can’t wait to use my fancy new yoga mat on the deck of the beach house and go for runs by the water with the sea breeze blowing in my hair. I’m planning to sleep in a bit, so maybe I’ll work out at 7 or 8 instead of 5:45 like I do now (oh geez I’m getting old). It’s going to be glorious! May was a lot of fun – We had a few road trips up to the Finger Lakes for my brother-in-law’s college graduation (congrats Daniel!) and for a Memorial Day/Robert’s Birthday weekend bash with friends. Aaaannnd I have to keep reminding myself that 2015 is almost halfway over and it’s not February anymore. What’s up with life?! Here are some things I’ve been loving this month:  [Read more...]

#Commute No. 6

#Commute No. 6 | Cake Over Steak

Detours and construction zones. They’re currently ruining my life. For a solid 8 weeks or more I’ve had two significant detours due to construction on my way to work, and they just keep adding more. The other day I was late to work because I ran into a new detour (which actually blocked me from getting to my detour from a detour, since I know a shortcut), and got stuck in a one lane construction zone, bringing the grand total of construction areas in my commute that day to five. My drive to work is only about 35 minutes long, so that means I hit a construction site every 7 minutes, on average. (#MathNerd – This is how my brain works.) One of these days I’m literally going to blow a gasket. [Read more...]

Papaya Coconut Popsicles & A Print Giveaway

Papaya Coconut Popsicles & A Print Giveaway | Cake Over Steak

Today is really exciting because I’ve partnered up with Liz from Floating Kitchen to bring you these popsicles and a giveaway. She was kind enough to come up with the recipe for these bad boys, and then I illustrated them and we’re hosting a giveaway for one of my prints of the popsicle illustration. Liz has become a very good “blog friend” to me recently. We have bonded over our love for things like chocolate and bourbon, and we’re hoping to meet up in person someday soon so we can indulge in those loves together. She also gets swag points from me because she lives on an island. I must admit – I get a little jealous whenever I see her beach pics (with her cute pup) on Instagram. One day I would love to live by the beach! If Liz could be my neighbor that would just be even better. [Read more...]

Wish List: Ice Cream

Wish List: Ice Cream | Cake Over Steak

Happy Mother’s Day! This might seem odd, but today’s ice cream wish list is in honor of my mom. That lady loves ice cream. When I was growing up, a lot of my friends would get really excited about ice cream, and I was always so “whatever” about it. That’s because in our house, ice cream was not for special occasions – it was part of our nightly routine. We would all gather in the evening before bed for a television show or two (Boy Meets World or Frasier, etc. when I was younger, and The Daily Show when I was in high school), and we would eat a bowl of ice cream. That was just the way it was. We always had multiple cartons of it in the freezer. When it was on sale, my parents would buy TEN gallons, and that would maybe last us about two weeks? Even now with my parents’ smaller household, there’s still always at least 3 or 4 gallons in the freezer. We were known as the house that always had ice cream. (Maybe this is why our house was always the central meeting place for me and my friends …)  [Read more...]

Things I’m Loving: April 2015

Things I'm Loving: April 2015 | Cake Over Steak

I know April is officially over, but this week was so crazy that there was just no way this post was getting out before the end of the month. Better late than never, so whatever. I know you’re all just DYING to hear what I’ve been obsessing over this month (hah, sure you are ….), so let’s just hop right to it: [Read more...]

My Family Tree and Grandmom’s Coleslaw

My Family Tree and Grandmom's Coleslaw | Cake Over Steak

It’s not every day that you get an email from someone offering to research your family tree. When Melisa reached out to me about being a part of her new series, I was a little baffled and then really excited. The premise was this: she would research my family tree for me, and then I would illustrate it and she would post an interview with me on her blog, going into some detail about my blog, my day job, and my interests in food and art and how they relate to my family history. I would also share a family recipe. How fascinating! I emailed her back right away and said I was all in.  [Read more...]

A Spring Dinner Party with Cucumber Basil Cocktails and a Sausage Asparagus Tart

A Spring Dinner Party with Cucumber Basil Cocktails and a Sausage Asparagus Tart | Cake Over Steak

Brita and I met back in the fall over the internet (as you do), and we instantly bonded and decided to collaborate with our blogs. She lives in Nashville (a city I am dying to visit someday soon), she loves food (obviously), we are both sort of closet “Tone It Up girls,” and she’s also super badass because she does roller derby. Brita is one of those people where I just know that if we were friends “in real life,” we would have so much fun and probably work out together and then bake cookies, because that’s how we live life. [Read more...]

#Commute No. 5 (And the Evolution of a #Commute Pic)

#Commute No. 5 | Cake Over Steak

Today I’m taking you behind the scenes a little bit to show you how my #commute pictures evolve, starting from the original photo on my phone to the Instagram pic (which then becomes a painting on here). I’m constantly amazed by the quality of photos you can get from an iPhone in almost any situation, and then also how some quick editing with certain apps can take a decent photo and turn it into something special. This becomes especially important for me with my #commute photos because I’m literally just pointing my camera out my car window in the direction of the scene I want, and then hitting the shutter button and hoping for the best (because I’m too busy driving and trying not to veer into the next lane or hit a stray turkey on the side of the road). I need to have faith that my camera will magically focus on the right area, and that I even aimed it well enough in the first place. Thirty percent of them are usually blurry and totally unusable – these apps can only take them SO far - but nine times out of ten I have at least one good photo to work with.  It’s a real gamble, but then again it’s not like I have anything to lose. [Read more...]