Things I’m Loving: January 2015

Things I'm Loving: January 2015 | chatting about building a "foundation" in my life with new year's resolutions like #mealprep, #administrativemondays, lunch with a book, morning workouts and taking time off, plus the Gilmore Guys podcast, Songza and Frozen gifs

In this first month of 2015 I am a walking January cliché. Despite what I said last month about not really being into New Year’s resolutions, I’ve definitely caught the “New Year, New Me” bug. I suppose it’s difficult to avoid when everyone around me is talking about it and living it. But I don’t mind! I’m feeling refreshed and ready to get down to business. 2014 was an amazing year, but it was also a blur and a hot mess due to planning our wedding and honeymoon. I’m excited to ease into 2015 with a slower pace. Read on to find out what the “new year new me” is looking like, as well as some other things I’ve been crushing on this month:  [Read more...]

Wish List: Whiskey & Bourbon

Wish List: Whiskey & Bourbon | Cake Over Steak

I’ve mentioned on here before that I’m getting into a whiskey/bourbon craze. I’ve noticed a lot of people around me getting into that scene lately as well, so maybe we’re all just conforming to a bigger trend? I actually heard an interesting story on NPR recently about how women are the future of whiskey. Historically considered a “man’s drink,” whiskey is becoming more and more popular with the female crowd, and whiskey producers are paying attention. Personally, I think I can attribute much of my coming around to whiskey to the artisanal cocktail scene. (I prefer to get used to a new spirit as it mingles with other tasty items in a fancy beverage.) To celebrate my newfound love, I’ve rounded up the whiskey and bourbon-focused recipes I’ve been eyeing on the internet. This wish list of mine is so true to life – I clearly love the sweets and cocktails more than real food. Also, you can totally tell which other bloggers are deep into the bourbon by their repeat appearances on here. (I’m looking at you, Minimalist Baker, Chasing Delicious and How Sweet It Is.) So let’s talk whiskey and bourbon recipes and get all boozed up together:  [Read more...]

#Commute No. 2

#Commute No. 2 | Cake Over Steak

I just want to say right off the bat that I’m so glad I started this series. After working on illustrations like this, it’s so refreshing and relaxing for me to sit down at the computer and just mess around with brushes and color in Photoshop while rocking out to music or a podcast. It’s like a vacation for my artistic brain, which just makes my desire to work on my regular illustrations stronger, and probably makes them better as a result.  [Read more...]

Orange-Ginger Salmon Packets with Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes and Kale

Orange-Ginger Salmon Packets with Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes and Kale | Cake Over Steak

Sometimes you land on a recipe that becomes an instant classic in your home – a real staple in your weeknight arsenal, if you will. These recipes must fit a lot of criteria: they need to be delicious (obviously), require little prep work, use things you probably have hanging out in your fridge or pantry (or at least be easy enough to pick up on your way home from work), not make an enormous mess in the kitchen, work well as leftovers, and preferably be ready to eat within an hour or less. It’s no surprise that not many recipes fulfill all these needs. I’ve only discovered a few so far, like the Roasted Sausage with Broccoli and Fennel from Food52, Pesto and Pea Tortellini Soup from Bev Cooks, Honey Mustard Chicken from Foodiecrush, and the recipe this one is based on from Bon Appetit[Read more...]

Top Posts of 2014

Top Posts of 2014 | Cake Over Steak

Since 2014 was my first FULL year of blogging, I thought it would be fun to jump on the “Top Posts of…” bandwagon and share the most popular posts of the year. Just the top 6 – I didn’t want to overwhelm you guys. (Also, I don’t really post that often, at least compared to some bloggers …) You definitely have good taste because these were some of my favorites as well. Here we go: [Read more...]

Things I’m Loving: December 2014

Things I'm Loving: December 2014 | Cake Over Steak

Since this post is going out to the world on New Year’s Eve, it seemed like I should talk about my year in review rather than just December. So far this year I’ve:

• kept up with my blog, which I feel is an accomplishment in itself
• gotten MARRIED
• went to Paris and St. Malo, France
• made lots of Internet Friends
• met some of those lovely people in person
• made lots of amazing food
• become a better runner
• had my first Cake Over Steak art show
• tasted my first pumpkin spice latte
• started making homemade cappuccinos, which kind of completes my life
• been featured in my local paper

I could probably go on. Some of these things might seem small by themselves, but you add them all up and you realize that your life is kickin’ ass. Robert and I remark to each other all the time about how wonderful our life truly is and how lucky we are. Sometimes we feel like we’re about to spin out of control, but when we stop to look around at what’s going on in our lives, we usually have a “whoa”  moment, realizing how incredible things are. I’ve never been a huge fan of making New Year’s resolutions – I think it’s because I’d rather not wait until the new year to start living a certain way and prefer to do things right away. For me it’s more like “I’m going to start running more often [starting now]“  or “We need to eat more salads, starting tomorrow.” “I want to live a less-stressed lifestyle, save money, try yoga, travel somewhere new, etc.”  That said, there’s no denying the fact that the start of a fresh new year can leave me feeling inspired to give my life a little kick in the pants. But I don’t really have any New Year’s resolutions for 2015, except to keep doing what I love, help my husband do what he loves, and enjoy the process. What about you? Here are some things I’ve been loving this month:  [Read more...]

#Commute No. 1

#Commute No. 1 | Cake Over Steak Recently I’ve found myself with a strong desire to experiment with art styles that are much looser and more relaxed than what I normally do. I can be such a Type-A perfectionist kind of person, and I wanted to create something that didn’t have to be perfect, or rather that it could be perfect in its imperfections. This new series for the blog is my way of giving in to that craving.  [Read more...]

Browned Butter Nutella Slice and Bake Cookies

Browned Butter Nutella Slice and Bake Cookies | Cake Over Steak

If we go way back in my origin story, we could probably say this blog happened because of Christmas cookies. That’s where my love of baking came from, which led to my love of cooking, and then cookbooks, and then food blogs, and now here we are. While I don’t know if my mom would call herself a “baker,” she always made sure we had plenty of homemade cookies for Christmas. My brothers and I would always help with the cut-out sugar cookies, fighting over who got to use the Santa cookie cutter, while my mom yelled at us for eating too much dough and Jesse and I debated the perfect sprinkle-to-cookie ratio.  [Read more...]

My Favorite Podcasts That Inspire, Inform and Entertain

My Favorite Podcasts that Inspire, Inform and Entertain | Cake Over Steak

As some of you may know, I etch gravestones for a living. The nature of this job allows for me to spend hours every day listening to podcasts. And oh boy do I take advantage of that – on average I probably spend about six hours of my work day listening to podcasts. I also listen to them while working on the illustrations for this blog (if I’m not indulging in one of my guilty-pleasure TV shows in the corner of my computer screen). I understand that not everyone has the ample podcast-listening time that I’m accustomed to, but there are plenty of little moments in our daily lives that would be perfect for a podcast: road trips (obviously), dish-washing, laundry-folding and other general cleaning tasks, as well as a long, tedious cooking project (with lots of chopping, stirring, etc.) or caramel-wrapping (for you edible gifters out there) and gift-wrapping are all perfect times to enjoy a podcast. Basically any brainless task that allows your precious mind to wander can be a great chance to get lost in a podcast. And since they don’t require the attention of your eyeballs, they are much better suited to multi-tasking than television.  [Read more...]

Things I’m Loving: November 2014

Things I'm Loving: November 2014 | Cake Over Steak

Well, another month has passed us by. At the beginning of November, Robert and I had our first joint art show as a couple. I showed pieces from this blog (obviously), since the main reason I did the show was to celebrate its one year anniversary, and Robert showed his personal work. We really appreciate everyone who came out to support us at the opening and to those of you who bought some of our pieces. We had a wonderful time talking to all of you. Also, thank you so much for all of your sweet comments about Cake Over Steak’s first birthday. It means a lot to finally be a part of this food-blogging community I’ve been watching for several years now, and it’s even better than I had expected it to be. You’re all awesome. Last night we headed up to Watkins Glen, NY (to my in-laws’) for some Thanksgiving festivities through the weekend, but I wanted to leave you with some things I’ve been loving this month:  [Read more...]