The Feast of St. Pizza: Lebanon Edition

The Feast of St. Pizza: Lebanon Edition | Cake Over Steak

I recently spent an entire Saturday eating pizza with a bunch of friends (including the lovely Laura of Roam and Golightly, and she’s talking about this today too!). We visited ten of the best pizza shops in my hometown, eating a slice at each one. So over the course of 12 hours we each ate 10 slices of pizza. Some of you may have been following along on Instagram that day, wondering “WTF?! What is she doing?” Well I’m about to explain myself. Back in September I listened to the second episode of the Pizza Party  podcast, which was an interview with the man who invented this thing called “The Feast of St. Pizza.” Rich Greco did it first in NYC, visiting ten of the greatest pizza shops of New York in one day with a few friends. He even created a whole web site for it. I was really inspired by the idea (we all know I love pizza …), and I realized that not only could I do this in my hometown (which actually has a large amount of pizza places), but I knew a lot of my friends would be up to the challenge.  [Read more...]

Things I’m Loving: March 2015

Things I'm Loving: March 2015 | Cake Over Steak

I’m pretty sure March 2015 takes the prize for the most blog posts I’ve ever published in one month. We talked about my wedding (and the cake, obvs), pie, pizza (also technically pie), blogging thoughts (in my newest #commute post), waffles, and brownie tiramisu trifles for virtual baby showers. Geez! Crazy. I’m not really sure how I got all of that done in one month. In other news, Erica from Nommable made my wedding cupcakes on her spring break and wrote the sweetest blog post about it and about reaching out to other bloggers. (Btw – PLEASE leave a comment if you’re another blogger reading this. I’ve found some of my favorite new blogs because people commented on one of my posts and I went back to their site. I wanna say hi!)  On Saturday I ate NOTHING. BUT. PIZZA. Expect a post about that in the next few weeks. This week I’m attempting to detox from that, and then we’re heading to Ohio for the Easter weekend where I’m hoping to catch up on some cookbook reading and do some chilling out. I’m so excited for April! March decided it was still winter so I’m hoping April won’t be so stubborn. Here’s what I’ve been loving in March: [Read more...]

Brownie Tiramisu Trifle

Brownie Tiramisu Trifle | Cake Over Steak

The food blogging community is one of the most amazing communities I’ve ever been a part of. Everyone is ridiculously encouraging and sweet. Even though I’ve never met most of these people, it’s obvious that we would be instant real-life friends if we were to meet in person. Technically we all hang out together on the internet all day everyday, so it already feels like we know each other really well. We bond over our shared love for waffles and cake and adding bacon to salads, but we also share stories of loss, emotional struggles and new beginnings. We’re there for each other, sometimes more so than we are for people we know in real life. It’s fantastic and baffling and one of the marvels of this Internet age that we live in. [Read more...]

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Waffles

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Waffles for #InternationalWaffleDay | Cake Over Steak

Last year I missed International Waffle Day here on the blog and I’ve never forgiven myself for it. On that day last year I put a note on my blog editorial calendar for International Waffle Day 2015 so I wouldn’t forget. (I use Google calendar to plan my blog, so it was easy enough.) That means this post has been planned for an entire year. Welcome to my crazy Type A brain! [Read more...]

#Commute No. 4

#Commute No. 4 | Cake Over Steak

There’s been some talk about the world of food blogging going around lately (in particular about reasons we blog and getting caught up in “all of it”), but recently I was struck the hardest by Michelle’s piece and Kathryn’s piece. They’ve inspired me to share some of my own thoughts on why I do this whole blogging thing in the first place and the kinds of struggles it presents. [Read more...]

How to Make Perfect Pizza at Home

How To Make Perfect Pizza at Home | Cake Over Steak

Guess what?! I’M ON A PODCAST. (Check that one off the bucket list! Because we all know I love podcasts …) Gabriel from The Dinner Special Podcast was kind enough to invite me to be on his show. We recorded it a few months ago and now it’s out in the world for your listening pleasure. That’s right: you can hear my voice talk about food blogging and whatnot, but also a LOT about pizza, and especially about making pizza at home. Turns out I’m kind of a pizza freak. So today I wanted to celebrate by sharing my fool-proof pizza recipe with you.  [Read more...]

Wish List: Pie

Wish List: Pie | Cake Over Steak

Happy Pi Day!!!! Did you know this is one of the most epic Pi Days ever? The number pi is 3.14159265359 … blah blah blah and today is 3.14.15, aka the first 5 digits of pi. I’m a math nerd, so this is kind of a big deal. When I was in high school my AP Calc class (which consisted of me and about ten of my best friends) would force our ever-gracious teacher, Mr. Miller, to let us celebrate Pi Day, which meant we brought in tons of pie and did nothing but eat pie all class period. It was great. I wanted to celebrate this year’s Pi Day with a virtual Pi Day party, if you will, by giving you a roundup of recipes I’ve been wanting to make. [Read more...]

My Wedding and Our Amazing Cake

My Wedding and Our Amazing Cake | Cake Over Steak

Since we’ve already passed our six-month wedding anniversary, it’s about time I talked about that day on here. And oh, what a day it was. Actually, it was an epic weekend that led into an epic honeymoon (and I’ll talk about that eventually, too). There’s so much I could possibly say about that day, but I’m going to start with a little wisdom for you:

Two maids of honor are better than one. Also, it helps to have a constant group text message going between you and your two maids of honor. I don’t really know how people planned weddings before there were emojis. This bride would not have survived without the crying face, head massage and poop emojis. Words just can’t express wedding stress and anxiety like an emoji can. Or several. AND, a wedding should never be planned alone, so surround yourself with special people who can make things easier for you along the way. [Read more...]

Things I’m Loving: February 2015

Things I'm Loving: February 2015 | Cake Over Steak

I know February is a short month, but I feel like this one went by freakishly fast. We started off this month with a fun photo shoot of me and Robert in our wedding outfits, which you will get to see sooooon. We celebrated Valentine’s Day our favorite way: with Chinese takeout and a movie, followed by a Buffy marathon. We got hit with a windy snowstorm that night, so we were especially happy to be snuggled up in our apartment with nowhere to be. We also celebrated the 3 year anniversary of our first date on Tuesday night by going to our favorite restaurant in town, so that was a special treat for a weekday night. We ordered two kinds of pizza, two amazing pasta entrees and a white chocolate raspberry tiramisu for dessert, and we took most of that food home for leftovers because we can’t actually eat that much. I also got delightfully tipsy off of a limoncello/prosecco cocktail and a stellar tangerine mojito, while Robert was responsible and drove us home. It was a lovely anniversary, but still doesn’t live up to last year when Robert called into the Joy the Baker podcast for me. BUT – it seems as though February is the month for calling into podcasts, because we were lucky enough to get through to Kevin and Demi of Gilmore Guys (after 73 tries) to talk to them on their first call-in show! In that episode, titled “Call Our Name Vol. 1,” you can hear me and Robert chatting with them for 9 minutes (!) about Gilmore Girls (starting around the 42:30 mark) – we tell them about how Logan was accidentally a part of Robert’s bachelor party and I answer the question of whether Robert is a Dean, Jess or Logan. Those Gilmore Guys are fun. This weekend is my self-prescribed “Do Nothing Weekend,” so I have plans to do nothing productive except for a shopping spree with my mom and possibly some laundry. Here are some other things I’ve been loving:  [Read more...]