Wish List: S’mores

Wish List: S'mores | Cake Over SteakIt’s time for another wish list! It’s been a while since the last one. These days I’m craving s’mores. A lot of people consider s’mores to be a summer thing, but I associate them more with autumn weather. They are perfect for those first cooler evenings, where it’s cold enough to be cozy in a sweatshirt AND next to a campfire. The smell of the toasting marshmallow is so inviting, but you can also smell the fallen leaves in the damp grass and the smoke of the fire. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? While I do love s’mores (and they are one of the only places where I truly enjoy marshmallows, thoroughly toasted of course), I do hate the sticky fingers that are an inevitable result of eating one. That’s why some of these other s’more recipes that can be eaten with a fork intrigue me. Here’s what I’ve been eyeing from around the web:  [Read more...]

Orange Zest Scones with Strawberry Rhubarb Compote

Orange Zest Scones with Strawberry Rhubarb Compote | Cake Over Steak

I don’t fully remember how I stumbled upon Anna’s blog, but I do remember being instantly hooked. I read about her project to create a cookbook in 100 days, which she was documenting through a series she called “The Cookbook Diaries.” One of the first posts I read happened to be the one where she was requesting volunteers to test recipes for the book. I immediately emailed her. I knew right away in my gut that I wanted and needed to be a part of this project of hers. There were a few reasons why: First of all, and most importantly, I just wanted to be a part of this project. It was so inspiring to me, and I wanted to be involved in whatever way I could be. Secondly, as a new blogger I was looking for ways to connect with other bloggers. This seemed like the perfect opportunity, and Anna seemed like exactly the kind of person I wanted to be connected to. Thirdly, she mentioned that all recipe testers would receive a complimentary copy of the book. I will do a lot of things for a free cookbook. (Please don’t use that information against me.) Lastly, I assumed that by helping to recipe test someone else’s recipes, it would ultimately help me to become a better recipe writer myself, and I think it certainly has taught me a few lessons.  [Read more...]

Things I’m Loving: September 2014

Things I'm Loving: September 2014 | Cake Over Steak

We welcomed the month of September with the “stay-cation” version of our honeymoon. September 1st was our last day before we had to go back to reality (and back to work). I think I spent the majority of the day organizing my desk area (so exciting), chilling out and then we had dinner with my parents on their deck and did some laundry. Sometimes we really know how to party, ya know? But after 10 days of indulgences in France, plus our wedding before that, it was probably the best way to spend our last day of vacation. It’s been nice to ease back into life as it used to be “pre-wedding-planning.” In other words, we can spend our weekends roasting a chicken and making pizza rather than double-checking guest lists and making centerpieces. Speaking of September, here is a fun article about that classic song of the same name. And here are some things I’m loving this month:  [Read more...]

Strawberry Basil Shortbread Tart

Strawberry Basil Shortbread Tart | Cake Over Steak

In the name of full transparency, I need to be honest with you guys for a minute. When I was starting this blog, one of my hopes and goals for it was to eventually receive “review copies” of cookbooks (aka FREE) to talk about on here. Cookbooks are one of my favorite things in the whole world (have you seen my collection?), so the idea of someone sending me a copy of a cookbook I wanted in the first place to have me read it, cook from it, and eventually talk about it on here is a dream come true.  [Read more...]

Things I’m Loving: August 2014

Things I'm Loving: August 2014 | Cake Over Steak

In the month of August I had a really fun bachelorette night/weekend, got married, and went on my honeymoon to France. You can’t really beat that. In case you were wondering, that’s why this place has been so silent for the past month. I’m excited for some blog posts that have been on the back burner and will hopefully be published here as soon as I can get my life at home back in order and get into the swing of things again. Although I had an amazing time in the Finger Lakes for my wedding and then in France for my honeymoon, it feels good to be back home – with my HUSBAND, working at a job I love, getting caught up on my podcast listening, blogging, and spending time in my kitchen once again. Expect some more in-depth blog posts in the future regarding our wedding and honeymoon. In the meantime, feel free to check out #robertandsarawedding and #corneliushoneymoon on Instagram to get filled in. I’ve included some snippets of our photo booth fun from the wedding below. Merci, au revoir!  [Read more...]

Things I’m Loving: July 2014

Things I'm Loving: July 2014 | Cake Over Steak

Soooo I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like July didn’t even exist? This past month was more about “X number of weeks until the wedding!” I’ve definitely had some trouble sleeping with all of this anticipation leading up to it (now with only about two weeks to go! Yikes!), and even had a few wedding nightmares, including one where I was my own bridesmaid. (???) In the dream I was of course trying to figure out how I would walk down the aisle while also being a bridesmaid. These are the things I worry about apparently. This time next month I will be a married woman and also someone who can say they’ve been to Paris. That’s crazy! Otherwise I guess things will be about the same, perhaps less crazy, but I’ll be wearing another ring on my left hand and perfecting my new signature. Honestly, I’m a little worried about that. How many times am I going to sign “Lenton” instead of “Cornelius?” I’m guessing it’s probably like writing the wrong year on a check but way more intense. Hopefully I make it through. But anyway, here are some fun things from this month:  [Read more...]

Blueberry Mojitos

Blueberry Mojitos | Cake Over Steak

I didn’t really expect to be putting this much time into the blog with only 3 weeks to go until my wedding, but when super fun Internet People like Emily of The Pig and Quill and Gina of So Let’s Hang Out put on a virtual summer potluck party, you put your blogging pants on. I’ve been wanting to share the recipe for this drink, and I thought it fit in pretty well with their theme. Do you know these ladies? I met them recently through Billy’s #PopsicleWeek, and I immediately developed blog-crushes on both of them. You should check them out!  [Read more...]

Things I’m Loving: June 2014

Things I'm Loving: June 2014 | Cake Over Steak

June was such an epic month that I couldn’t squeeze this post in before it ended. Lots of fantastic things happened, like bridal showers, my birthday, beach trips, a few awesome evenings in Philly with friends, Nutella Latte Popsicles for #popsicleweek, blogger meet-ups, and more – some of which I will go into more detail about below. July better bring it if it wants to keep up, that’s for sure.  [Read more...]

Nutella Latte Popsicles for #POPSICLEWEEK

Nutella Latte Popsicle for #POPSICLEWEEK

I probably should have titled this post “My Ode to The Fauxmartha.” I’m not sure if all of you are aware, but Melissa recently blew up the Internet with her salted Nutella-themed recipes, and I, for one, was smitten. I’ve made most of them: the salted Nutella buttercream for my friend’s bachelorette cake, the Nutella lattes, and then the salted Nutella syrup that I’ve used to make some homemade iced Nutella lattes, which brought me to this recipe. [Read more...]

Happy Birthday to Me (And a Print Giveaway!)

Chocolate Coffee Birthday Cake

As of today I am a quarter-century old. Honestly, that freaks me out a little bit. I’m starting to feel the weight of my impending mortality these days. Quarter-life crisis, anyone? Life just seems short. So many places to visit, so many things to eat, so many recipes to try … people to meet, loved ones to spend time with, TV shows to get engrossed in, books to read, magazines piling up on my nightstand, cookbooks not getting enough love on my bookshelf, blog posts to write, jokes to laugh about, runs and bike rides to go on … you get the picture. I will continue to do my best to fill my days with as much as possible, in what will hopefully end up being a life that I am proud of at age 87.  [Read more...]