Things I’m Loving: February 2015

Things I'm Loving: February 2015 | Cake Over Steak

I know February is a short month, but I feel like this one went by freakishly fast. We started off this month with a fun photo shoot of me and Robert in our wedding outfits, which you will get to see sooooon. We celebrated Valentine’s Day our favorite way: with Chinese takeout and a movie, followed by a Buffy marathon. We got hit with a windy snowstorm that night, so we were especially happy to be snuggled up in our apartment with nowhere to be. We also celebrated the 3 year anniversary of our first date on Tuesday night by going to our favorite restaurant in town, so that was a special treat for a weekday night. We ordered two kinds of pizza, two amazing pasta entrees and a white chocolate raspberry tiramisu for dessert, and we took most of that food home for leftovers because we can’t actually eat that much. I also got delightfully tipsy off of a limoncello/prosecco cocktail and a stellar tangerine mojito, while Robert was responsible and drove us home. It was a lovely anniversary, but still doesn’t live up to last year when Robert called into the Joy the Baker podcast for me. BUT – it seems as though February is the month for calling into podcasts, because we were lucky enough to get through to Kevin and Demi of Gilmore Guys (after 73 tries) to talk to them on their first call-in show! In that episode, titled “Call Our Name Vol. 1,” you can hear me and Robert chatting with them for 9 minutes (!) about Gilmore Girls (starting around the 42:30 mark) – we tell them about how Logan was accidentally a part of Robert’s bachelor party and I answer the question of whether Robert is a Dean, Jess or Logan. Those Gilmore Guys are fun. This weekend is my self-prescribed “Do Nothing Weekend,” so I have plans to do nothing productive except for a shopping spree with my mom and possibly some laundry. Here are some other things I’ve been loving:  [Read more...]

Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes

Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes | Cake Over Steak As a kid I wanted to be an artist “when I grew up.” (Mission accomplished on that front.) After taking my high school introductory art classes, it became extremely clear that my destiny was to attend an art college, which I did. However it wasn’t until my sophomore year of college, during one of my illustration classes, that it hit me: In my little second-grader brain, when I thought about being an “artist” when I grew up, I was actually picturing myself as a children’s book illustrator. I had known for years that such a job would be a fun profession as an artist, but it didn’t dawn on me until that moment that it was what I had originally imagined for myself.  [Read more...]

3 Instagram Accounts I Love

3 Instagram Accounts I Love | Cake Over Steak

As a visual person, Instagram is easily my favorite social media platform. It’s a world I like to get lost in, looking at all of the pretty pictures. One of my favorite blogs on business and blogging, The Well, has started a blog linkup series, and the task for February is to answer the question “Who are your three favorite Instagrammers and why?” That topic got me really excited so I decided to join in on the fun this month. I’ve talked on here before about how I like to creep on other people’s cute children on Instagram, and then there are the fitness accounts I look at in the morning to motivate me out of bed to workout, and there are the obvious food ones I enjoy (like The Fauxmartha, Hummingbird High, What for Breakfast, etc.). But today I’m going to share 3 accounts with you that are a little more random. (I kinda cheated there, didn’t I …) [Read more...]

#Commute No. 3

#Commute No. 3 | Cake Over Steak

Thanks to everyone who helped me out by voting on Instagram and Facebook for which image I should work on next. I think I was leaning towards this one anyway, so I’m glad it came out on top. I’ll probably work on #4 for the next painting since that was a close second favorite. The original image this painting is inspired by was taken during a foggy morning this past October. I love it when it fogs up like that and I can see it so clearly. I often drive in and out of the fog, and it looks like an actual blanket covering the ground, making it feel as though I’m entering a fantastical universe as I drive to work. Nature is truly beautiful (except for when the fog is so thick I can’t see where I’m driving – that’s not good). [Read more...]

A “Date Night In” With My Husband (And Mango-Raspberry Champagne Floats)

A "Date Night In" With My Husband (And Mango-Raspberry Champagne Floats) | Cake Over Steak

When I first heard that Ashley Rodriguez was working on a cookbook memoir based on her popular blog series titled “Dating My Husband,” I could hardly contain my excitement. This was during the time when Cake Over Steak was merely a brain-child of mine, and it was bloggers like Ashley and posts like her Dating My Husband series that truly inspired me to create my own space on the internet. They lit a fire in me that made me want to share my own story, weaving tales of love, marriage, family, friendships, fears, etc. into the story of a recipe that makes you want to spend the rest of the day in your kitchen. I made a vow to myself that this blog would be up and running by the time her book came out so I could write about it on here. Little did I know that I would also have a husband of my very own by the time that day rolled around.  [Read more...]

Things I’m Loving: January 2015

Things I'm Loving: January 2015 | chatting about building a "foundation" in my life with new year's resolutions like #mealprep, #administrativemondays, lunch with a book, morning workouts and taking time off, plus the Gilmore Guys podcast, Songza and Frozen gifs

In this first month of 2015 I am a walking January cliché. Despite what I said last month about not really being into New Year’s resolutions, I’ve definitely caught the “New Year, New Me” bug. I suppose it’s difficult to avoid when everyone around me is talking about it and living it. But I don’t mind! I’m feeling refreshed and ready to get down to business. 2014 was an amazing year, but it was also a blur and a hot mess due to planning our wedding and honeymoon. I’m excited to ease into 2015 with a slower pace. Read on to find out what the “new year new me” is looking like, as well as some other things I’ve been crushing on this month:  [Read more...]

Wish List: Whiskey & Bourbon

Wish List: Whiskey & Bourbon | Cake Over Steak

I’ve mentioned on here before that I’m getting into a whiskey/bourbon craze. I’ve noticed a lot of people around me getting into that scene lately as well, so maybe we’re all just conforming to a bigger trend? I actually heard an interesting story on NPR recently about how women are the future of whiskey. Historically considered a “man’s drink,” whiskey is becoming more and more popular with the female crowd, and whiskey producers are paying attention. Personally, I think I can attribute much of my coming around to whiskey to the artisanal cocktail scene. (I prefer to get used to a new spirit as it mingles with other tasty items in a fancy beverage.) To celebrate my newfound love, I’ve rounded up the whiskey and bourbon-focused recipes I’ve been eyeing on the internet. This wish list of mine is so true to life – I clearly love the sweets and cocktails more than real food. Also, you can totally tell which other bloggers are deep into the bourbon by their repeat appearances on here. (I’m looking at you, Minimalist Baker, Chasing Delicious and How Sweet It Is.) So let’s talk whiskey and bourbon recipes and get all boozed up together:  [Read more...]

#Commute No. 2

#Commute No. 2 | Cake Over Steak

I just want to say right off the bat that I’m so glad I started this series. After working on illustrations like this, it’s so refreshing and relaxing for me to sit down at the computer and just mess around with brushes and color in Photoshop while rocking out to music or a podcast. It’s like a vacation for my artistic brain, which just makes my desire to work on my regular illustrations stronger, and probably makes them better as a result.  [Read more...]

Orange-Ginger Salmon Packets with Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes and Kale

Orange-Ginger Salmon Packets with Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes and Kale | Cake Over Steak

Sometimes you land on a recipe that becomes an instant classic in your home – a real staple in your weeknight arsenal, if you will. These recipes must fit a lot of criteria: they need to be delicious (obviously), require little prep work, use things you probably have hanging out in your fridge or pantry (or at least be easy enough to pick up on your way home from work), not make an enormous mess in the kitchen, work well as leftovers, and preferably be ready to eat within an hour or less. It’s no surprise that not many recipes fulfill all these needs. I’ve only discovered a few so far, like the Roasted Sausage with Broccoli and Fennel from Food52, Pesto and Pea Tortellini Soup from Bev Cooks, Honey Mustard Chicken from Foodiecrush, and the recipe this one is based on from Bon Appetit[Read more...]

Top Posts of 2014

Top Posts of 2014 | Cake Over Steak

Since 2014 was my first FULL year of blogging, I thought it would be fun to jump on the “Top Posts of…” bandwagon and share the most popular posts of the year. Just the top 6 – I didn’t want to overwhelm you guys. (Also, I don’t really post that often, at least compared to some bloggers …) You definitely have good taste because these were some of my favorites as well. Here we go: [Read more...]